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Monday, 09 June 2014 06:03


All requirements for graduating from the Master of Science Program must be met within a period of 8 semesters (48 months/4 years).



  1. The request for academic leave must be filed by the student no later than the deadline for registration for semester in progress.
  2. Leave application forms can be obtained from the Academic Section.
  3. The period of time during which the student is on leave is not counted as part of the student’s study period.
  4. Students who receive permission to take leave are not permitted to engage in any academic activities including guidance for their theses during the period of leave.
  5. The period of academic leave is for one semester and can be for, at most, two semesters.
  6. Students who get approval to take leave do not pay tuition fees, but are charged a predetermined administrative fee.
  7. In the event of temporary termination of the study due to academic measures/penalties, the time during which those measures/penalties apply are counted as being part of the study period.



To facilitate studies and address academic problems faced, the student may consult with the Program Manager of each Study Program.



  1. The Master of Science graduation ceremony is held four (4) times a year, i.e. January, April, July and October.
  2. The required graduation form can be obtained from at the FEB UGM Master of Science Academic Section
  3. Graduation registration is conducted online on the UGM DAA web site and all graduation documents should be compiled at the Master of Science Academic Section no later than 1 month before graduation time (according to the schedule of UGM DAA).
  4. One week before the graduation, students can collect their gown and invitation from the Admissions Section of the FEB UGM Master of Science Program.
  5. The graduation procession is organized by the Rector in UGM’s Graha Sabha Pramana Auditorium and the formal graduation of the students and the presentation of their transcripts by the Program Managers is conducted in the Master of Science building.
  6. Dress Code for Graduation :


white shirt with collar, black trousers, black shoes


white shirt with collar, black skirt that islonger than the gown, black shoes

Semester “Ganjil” (Semesters 1, 3, 5 etc.): September to January
Semester “Genap” (Semesters 2, 4, 6 etc.): February to August
Study workload :


13 subjects (38 credits)


Proposal (3 credits)
Thesis (6 credits)

  1. The study material is organized based on the schedule set by the program.
  2. The study material is delivered during the course of fourteen 2.5 hour sessions, seven sessions before mid-semester examinations and seven sessions leading to the final examinations.
  3. To be allowed to sit the examination, the student must meet the minimum attendance requirement of 75% of lectures given by professors.
  4. Students are not allowed to take the examination if their attendance at lectures was less than 75%.
Stipulations for Sit-ins
It is possible for students to follow some meetings informally (sit-in) in courses offered by the FEB UGM Master of Science Program which are not officially registered with the KRS form, in so far as the seating capacity in the classroom in question allows. Students who want to do the sit-in have to ask permission from the lecturer concerned. Students are not charged for the subjects they follow with these sit-ins, however, the student are not entitled to obtain grades for the subject in question.
    The grading system in the Master of Science Program uses the letters
    A, B, C, D, E with a plus (+) or minus (-). Each letter score is given the
    following numeric values:
    A      :  4.00
    A -    :  3.75
    B +   :  3.25
    B      :  3.00
    B -    :  2.75
    C +   :  2.25
    C      :  2.00
    D      :  1.00
    E      :  0
    K      :  No Grade
    T/I    :  Incomplete
  2. D and E grades mean fail and the course must be repeated
  3. In addition to the letter grades mentioned above, lecturers may also also give grades K and/or T/I.
  4. Grade K means No Grade (“Kosong” = empty), because the student with drew legitimately or because they did not take the final examination
  5. Grade T/I means Incomplete, the data being not complete because not all tasks have been completed. With the permission of the lecturers who set these tasks, they can be completed within a period of no more than 1 month, and if this is not so then the Grade T/I is changed into an  E.
  6. The minimum grade for graduating from a course is C (no more than 2 permitted)
Announcement of Grades
The final course grades from the lecturers will be posted on the bulletin board on the second floor during Semester I (without mentioning the names of students), other than that the students can also access the course grades after the course is finished online using SYNTHESIS.
Students graduating from the FEB UGM Master of Science program will receive graduation predicates according to GPA achieved, as follows :
≤ 3.75 ≤ 4.00 GPA : with honors (cum laude)
≤ 3.50 GPA < 3.75 : very satisfactory
≤ 3.00 GPA < 3.50 : satisfactory
Graduation with honors (cum laude) is only given to students who can complete their studies within a period of 36 months with a GPA of between 3.75 and 4.00 obtained without retakingh courses to improve grades
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