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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 06 June 2014 06:23

The Doctoral Program at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at Gadjah Mada University(UGM) is not only focused on the writing of dissertations, but also on the process that has been programed in a structured way. All students participating in the Doctoral Program must complete each stage well. The Program managers will conduct an evaluation at each stage, and the decision to continue the program or not will be made as early as possible, which will be discussed and decided upon at a Managers Meetingwith the Dean of FEB UGM.

Implementation of the program is done using a course work modelthat is carried out in a structured way (course work, preliminaryexamination, proposal examination, research for the dissertation, and the dissertation examination). The size of the workload that must be completed during the two yearsof the course work is 42 credits with agrade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 (where 4.00 is the maximum) and a "C" grade for a maximum of only two modules. Oncestudents are declared to have completed the course work, they are required to take and pass a comprehensive examination (sitting it a maximum of twice) before starting the writing of the dissertation proposal. Overall,the minimum residential requirement is three yearsand the maximum study period for a student is five years afterregistration.

Accounting Study Program

The Doctoral Program in the Accounting Study Program emphasizes critical understanding of theories, concepts, and methods of researchin the field of accounting, as well as increased activity and quality of research in the field of accounting based on the application of integrity, freedom, and academic ethics.

Management Study Program

The Doctoral Program in the FEB UGM Management Study Program has the goal of being able to produce graduates who have deep knowledge and mastery in the field of Management Science in which they specialize, who have the ability and expertise in this field of knowledge to serve as instructors at the tertiary level or hold other positions in society in accordance with their scientific and educationallevel, and the ability to develop a vocabulary of scientific knowledge in their field through independent research that is deep and broad in itsscope.

Economics Study Program

The Doctoral Program in the FEB UGM Economics Study Program is an educational program that emphasizes critical understanding of theories, concepts, and methods of research in the field of accounting, as well as increased activity and quality of research in the field ofeconomics based on the application of integrity, freedom, and academic ethics.A recent development in the study of economics is the use of micro data to eliminate aggregation bias. In leading the way in knowledge development, the program articulatesthe utilization ofmicroeconometrics. The program also progresses cutting-edge developments in economics such as the use of randomized experiments that are very relevant in decision making, especially regarding the impact of social programs. The program also leads the wayregarding the dissemination of research using laboratory experiments to analyze the behavior of individuals. The program alsotakes the lead in the implementation of microeconometrics andmicroeconomic development.