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Friday, 06 June 2014 06:11

The development of the Indonesian economy has successfully created significant growthwhich has been accompanied by structural changes. It is known that the Indonesian economy is making a transition from one that is based on agriculture, oil and natural gas into one of the newly and progressively industrialized countries in Asia. The global economic development in recent years,of course, has brought with it challenges regarding sustainable development, where the increasing integration of the world economy will createopportunities to promote growth.However, it has also resulted inIndonesia's economy being more vulnerable to shocks in the world economy and requires the creation of human resourcesthat are tough and competitive in the global marketplace.

The challenges in facing economic development and the integration of the global economy will increase the demand for economists, business people and analysts whoare formidable and competitive at the international level. To meet these needs, the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) is endeavouring to devote itself to the Indonesian nation by runningMaster of Science courses in Economics, Management, andAccounting.

The materials and methods of teaching and learning in the FEB UGMMaster of Science Program areintended to shape graduates so that they have the ability to conduct research independently and have theinsight and knowledge to support it along with deeper theoreticalconcepts. Discussion of articles from highly ranked academic journals, both regarding theory and application, and the assessment of bothconventional and up-to-date text books, are rooted in the academic culture of the FEB UGM Master of Science Program. Students are required to work hard so that they are able to harmonize themselves with the demands and requirements of the academic culture whichmust be met and whichhave given UGM its distinction. The conduciveclassroom atmosphere resulting from the work ofthe professional lecturers is an asset that supports learning and which can be used as a context for discussion and confirmation of the understanding of course materials that can create the development of research ideas.

Programs Offered:

1. Regular Class

  • Normal study period of 24 months
  • Compulsory and elective courses taken within 3 Semesters (38 credits) and 1 semester for the thesis (9 credits)

Accounting Study Program

The educational objectives Strata-2 (MSc.) Program of theAccountingStudy Program are as follows:


  1. Develop the ability, mastery, and critical expertise regarding the theory and practice of accounting in order to be able to engage in ascientific and logical approach every time a problem is encounteredin the field of accounting.
  2. Develop the skills and ability to conduct scientific research in the field of accounting based on academic freedom and ethics.
  3. Increase insight and the provision of sufficient knowledge to develop science and further study in the field of accounting.

According to theeducational objectives, graduates of theAccountancyStudy Program, who willbe awarded a Master of Science in Accounting (M.Sc.),are expected to have strengths in terms of:

  1. Breadth of insight and depth of understanding of knowledge in the field of accounting.
  2. Mastery of advanced knowledge in various aspects of accounting.
  3. Ability to use modern information technology to solve problems and process accounting information.
  4. Mastery of research methods and statistical analysis and the ability to implement them in the field of accounting research.
  5. The ability to express or convey opinions orally and in writing.


Management Study Program

The Management Study Program aims to increase knowledge and scientific ability of students in the field of Management.

The competencies of graduates who are awarded a Master of Science in Management (M.Sc.) are expected to be:


  1. Having scientific ability and expertise in the field of management,for both the workplace and for teaching duties at college level,
  2. Ability to conduct in-depth study and independent research in theirfield, and
  3. Having the basic academic abilities to pursue further studies.


Economics Study Program

The educational objectives are to facilitate students in acquiring theory and strong research skills, develop new principles, and meet scientific standards of integrity in the field of economics. Graduates of the Economics Study Program, who will be awarded a Master of Science in Economics (M.Sc.),are expected to:


  1. Acquire theoretical knowledge and advanced methodological and research skills in the field of economics.
  2. Have the ability to identify, integrate, and analyze literature in the field of economic science to create new knowledge by building testable propositions and research hypotheses.
  3. Acquire academic writing skills necessary for an academic career in the field of economics.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to understand moral and ethical principles in research.
  5. Apply ethical and moral principles in an academic environment.


2. International Class (Double Degree Program)

Year I: Study with theFEB UGM Masters of Science Program

Year II: Study with the Partner University and complete a Thesis

Currently the Master of Science Program worksin cooperation for adouble degree program with the following partner universities:


Partner University

Field Study in Msc FEB UGM


in Partners

Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University (GSU), United States



Department of Economics, Tulane University, United States



Crawford School of Economics and Government, The AustralianNational University (ANU), Australia



Curtin University of Technology (CURTIN), Australia



Graduate School of International Management International University of Japan (IUJ), Japan



Graduate School of International Management International University of Japan (IUJ), Japan



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