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Monday, 09 June 2014 08:05

The siteof the Master of Science and Doctoral Program Building atUGM’s Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is very strategic because it is located among the University’s main buildings such asthe central building and the rector’s office, the Main Library, andtheGraha Sabha Pramana Auditorium. FEB is also within easy reach, either using either public transport like TransJogja or private transport. The Master of Science and Doctoral programs at FEB UGM are managed jointly and they are Masters Programs and Doctoral Programs in Economics, Management, and Accounting. This approachis certainly a plus factor because the academic atmosphereon offer here is more diverse in terms of fields of learning withstudents able sit in on classes offered by each program of study, attend public lectures and attend examinations of basic researchproposalsthat are open to the public in accounting, management and economics. Masters and Doctoral students can also get to know each other and exchange information and discuss things together. The FEB UGM Master of Science and Doctoral Program Building has threestoreys, with a total area of more than2,500m2. Most of the 44 roomsavailable in the building are lecture rooms or rooms that support studying. Among them are: 11 classrooms with a total capacity of 240 people; four rooms for student study or discussions with a total capacity of 40 people; an auditorium for seminars with a capacity of 150 people; the Doctoral Program exam rooms; two meeting rooms; a library; a resource roomfor research; and a room for the use ofcomputers and the internet. There is also a student lounge which is the main place where students can learn and discuss together outside the classrooms and also take a break while enjoying lunch or coffeeprovided by Msi’s small canteen.

Outside the building, park facilities, a learning plaza, and a gazebo areavailable. For the purposes of taking exercise, on the east side of theMaster of Science and Doctoral Program Building, there is a volleyball court that can be used at any time by the students. On the west side,next to the Graha Sabha Pramana Auditorium, a large jogging area isalso available. Especially for students who are football, badminton and tennis enthusiasts, there arepitches and courts in the area calledLembah(which means “valley”) that they can use. For purposes of lunchesfor studentswho are studying all day, the nearest place to eat is the FEB UGM cafeteria, or the one at the Faculty of  Philosophy.For a more comfortable atmosphere when there is enough free time tomake the walk there, UGM’sLembah hasbecome a culinary centerwith its food court that offers a variety of dishes. To facilitate financial transactions, on the first floor of the Master of Science and DoctoralProgram Building there is a Bank Mandiri sub-branch office and anATM. At the Faculty of Economics and Business there are also several banks with ATMs, such as BRI, BNI and Bank Mandiri.

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