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The Yogya Environment PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 09 June 2014 07:55

Yogyakarta has many names:the city of students, the tourism city, the city of culture, the gudeg city (its iconic chicken and jackfruit dish), and the city of batik. Indeed, in this city which, together with its surrounds, is designated as a Special District (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta), the diversity reflected in its many names can indeed beencountered and has become an attraction for those who come to the city. Yogyakarta’slongstanding title as the City of Students is not just a nickname.The city has been proven to be the main destination of students from outside the island of Java who are seeking to gain knowledge. This can be seen from the increase in prospective students who come to Yogyakarta each year. A positive impactofthese many students arriving from outside Javais that they alsoboost the economy for the indigenous people of this city, in terms ofthe number of boarding houses, places to eat, and stores catering tocollege students’ needs. Indeed, in Yogyakarta it is not difficult to findfacilities for students or travellers, or places to shop and eat that are nearby and affordable, as well as the many tourist and leisureattractions.

As for the story of Yogyakarta’s hallmark food, people can hardly claim to have been to Yogyakarta if they have not eaten gudeg. This iconicdishcan be found throughout the city and is commonly enjoyed for breakfast or dinner while taking in the atmosphere of the roadside eateriesthat are so typical of Yogyakarta. Purveyors of gudeg in the UGM area that are well known among students includeGudeg Sagan, Gudeg Bu Ahmad, Gudeg Yu Narni. In order to know the difference in terms of taste,these various gudeg dishes should be sampled first hand. Other hallmark dishes of Yogyakarta that are quite famous among the UGM academic community are found at SGPC Bu Wiryo. It is on the campus and the sego pecelthey servemeans it is always crowded.Thenumber one objective of UGM alumni visiting Yogyakarta is to drop by and eat there.

Yogyakarta city is also one of Indonesia’s cultural centres as well as being a strategic area for both business and leisure activities. The combination of its traditional culture,the influenceof which still feelsstrong, and its natural resources which offer a blend of coastal and mountain scenery,is the reason for the continuing growth of the city’stourism industry. Thus, Yogyakarta is also one of the favorite places for exhibitors to host a variety of events such as conferences both at regional and international levels. The Sultan’s Palace (Kraton),Taman Sari, Prambanan Temple, the Merapi Museum, the numerousbeaches, are the unique Jalan Malioboro are all destinations for tourists and are also combined with business and academic events.Hunting for batik, which is one of the iconic products of Yogyakarta,and shopping for all mannerof souvenirs typical of Yogyakarta, suchas bakpia, ampyang, and geplak,is also mandatory for visitors to this city

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