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Monday, 09 June 2014 06:57
A. Computer Laboratory
  1. The lab has a capacity of 42 computers that are already integrated into a Local Area Network (LAN) and viewers.
  2. Data processing software is available, such as SPSS, Stata, Amos, TSP, Lindos, Eview, Shazam, which greatly assist the student in completing a variety of tasks and data processing for their theses or dissertations.
  3. Internet access has a bandwidth of 6 Mbps.
  4. Online journals are available: (EBSCO), Proquest, Emerald JSTOR, ScienceDirect, IMF Statistics, IEEE, SpringerLink, Britannica Academic Edition.
  5. Journal databases (Accounting and Economics, Banking and Finance, Economics and Business, Capital Markets, Journal of Strategic Management, Islamic Journal), and others
  6. Dissertations containing database measurements and questionnaires (research instruments for accounting, human resources, etc.),
  7. A collection of articles that have been compiled according to categories.
Regulationsfor the use of Computer Laboratory:
  1. The Computer Laboratory is open daily Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
  2. Students who use the Computer Laboratory are required to keep it clean, and are not allowed to bring food and drinks.
  3. Students of the FEB UGM Master of Science are entitled to use the Computer Laboratory facilities at no charge, except if they print or scan documents in which case they incur the cost of paper and ink.
  4. Students who use these facilities, other than students from the FEB UGM Master of Science, will be charged.
  5. Students are asked to register with the laboratory staff for user accounts and passwords to get access to the internet
The complete facilities in the computer lab as mentioned above are expected to make it easier for students to learn about computers, data processing, and using word processors. For those who are often dealing with econometric problems, this facility will certainly help speed up the process of data processing and, for lecturers, the facilities are very helpful in expediting the process of learning about computers and statistical learning.
B. Wi-Fi Facility

The Master of Science Building is equipped with Wi-Fi. This therefore enables the entireĀ academic community to access the Internet using laptops equipped with a wireless device.
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