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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 09 June 2014 08:27

Forkomsi established on October 18th, 2013.


Chairman: Muhammad Akhyarudin

Secretary: Mohammad Indra Maulana

Treasurer: Putri Masyitah Ulfa


1. To develop and empower Economic and Business research at the scientific and applicative scope.

2. To explore, develop and established human being potential such as logical thinking, knowledge, culture, and other creative yet applicative potential which will be useful for nation development and enhance networking among civitas academica.

3. Actively participate on human resource development in Indonesia.


To facilitate science research interest and built networking among student and alumni

A. Department of Research and Scientific

Coordinators: Andi Tenripada

Members:      Susianti

Dewi Sartika

Nurisqi Amalia

Nisa Karami

Job Description:

1. Hold general study, scientific research, seminars, workshops, to facilitate scholarly discourse public oriented

2. Being a facilitator of scientific research training for administrators and members to strengthen the base of understanding of research methods in the field of economics and business

3. Provide database / collection of scientific papers and articles.

B. Department Alumni & Networking

Coordinator:   Aditiya Luqman Hakim

Members:       Juanda Ahmadyani A.L

Fahriah Tahar

Asrini Ali Saeni

Agil Novriansa

Job Description:

1. Forming, maintaining and establishing communication with members, alumni, and external parties to enhance support and participation in any activity FORKOMSI

2. Set up and updating the database of members and alumni

3. Build networking with external parties (corporate, government, banking, etc.)

4. Managing information systems related to the overall organization through mailing lists, websites, social media, etc.

C. Departement of Human Resource Development

Coordinator:    Hidayatul Khusnah

Members:        Praja Hadi Saputra

Inung Pratiwi

Ariani Nur Aqidah

Johanes Maysan Damanik

Job Description:

1. Strengthen communication with the board members and administrators

2. Empowering officers and members in each activity

3. Upgrading competency management and members through training.



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